October’s my favorite month.


Because it has nothing to do with, everything.

October constantly feels like the Thursday before something exciting happens on Friday.



Never mind homecoming and Halloween

Ok, not never mind, however, Miss Rona’s still at large so, what can we do?


And yes,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,


But, it’s everything, else.

Fall officially gracing us with it’s presence.

Hay rides and windy weather,

Hoodies and hot chocolate,

more and the desire to be outside,

As if being inside means you’re automatically missing something,

and in my case,

a real excuse as to why my heat is on.

October just screams, excitement.

The holidays are coming

the food is constantly being prepared

and joy.

Pure, unwavering,


Everything and everyone is excited

for something,

for nothing,

for everything.

Can’t wait to welcome October.

The Mayan Empire


Published by themayanempire

a lot of outbursts... A LOT oh, I'm on a podcast too! www.blackeducatedandbroke.com

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