Black Love


Something each and everyone of us strive for.

Whether romantic or platonic, love, is.


let’s talk about black love.

There is just something different about black love.

No matter what, who, or where, black love is just….

Whew wee.

Talk about striving to be loved, the right way by someone who looks like you (assuming you’re of the black community).


I know, I, myself, am aiming for that love.

The end all, be all. The ending and beginning. The sun and stars.

Black love.

Sharing experiences, views, values, thoughts, traditions, culture with someone who understands, relates and more than likely, can contribute more to the conversation. Someone who wants to create more kids to run around, to be an image of our love, personified. Someone who understands the every day fears and stereotypes lived through because of the color of our skin. Someone who can relate to the dreams and goals of the normal attributor. Someone who’s striving for greatness. Who wants to continue breaking generational curses and achieve generational wealth for the legacies that will come from the love shared today.


Does that not make you want to go out and stumble into the arms of the person meant for you? That can best give you the kind of love that movies and songs and books and art, are all made from. Inspired by?

A love that makes you feel like you’re experiencing heaven on earth. Like God, personally picked this person out for you because they are the best chance of you sharing life experiences with. Best chance of being understood, fully and entirely. Knowing that you won’t have to question the most essential part of you and whether or not, they get it?


There is just, everything beautiful about genuine black love.

If you’ve ever seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve never seen it, I pray you do because baby, it’s like watching actual stars come together and create a glow that astronomers long to look at up close and maybe, you’ll understand why it’s so inspiring, so sought after.

Black love.

Whew chile.

The Mayan Empire


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