Black Excellence

Black Excellence.

In lieu of all that is being achieved in this current climate, i.e., the pandemic, black families and friends buying land and purchasing the means and space in both, Toomsboro, Georgia and Metro Atlanta, for black lives to live, thrive, creating generational wealth and a safe environment for black lives to just… be. Existing with no limitations or precautions. 2 Black men, owning land and a thriving hemp business, reclaiming years and years of stereotypes that’s been thrust upon black skin in the eyes of the judicial system, check out our latest episode for more on The Green Toad Hemp Farm, it just,

A breath of fresh air.

Black people,

Men and women a like,

are reclaiming their titles.

Reclaiming their crowns,

Reclaiming their thrones,

and more than anything,

Reclaiming their kingdoms.

My people, my brothers, my sisters,

are reclaiming everything that was taken from them. Everything they were told they could not have. Everything that has been sowed and now, it’s their season.

It is their, season.

And to be able to witness this,

to be apart of the generation,

to support this happening, this coming to fruition… to have something to aspire to be apart of because it is just so positive and so necessary,

When I tell you Black people are resilient, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Black people, my people, can do anything.


If that doesn’t inspire you, someone, anyone,

to want more,

I’m not sure anything will.

However, wanting more,

can come in time.

Please, do not feel like you have to do something, anything, right now.

It takes time to reach the levels of which I’ve specifically touched on. It could take years of research or even financial planning and then the years of execution…


Please, do not feel as if you have to start achieving anything.

If waking up this morning is your biggest achievement,

Thank God that you did!

If putting on actual clothes is something you’re proud of,

I’m proud of you too!

Your accomplishments  are yours and even if, they aren’t being celebrated or acknowledge within the public eyes, please, always know, someone is watching and someone, is proud.

If you have something you’re working on or in the process of planning or even simply thinking about something, do it.

Do it.

This idea was given to you, specifically.

You were chosen.

You were selected.

You can do it because God called you to.


Do it and know, that with anything you do,

You are apart of black excellence

and black excellence is apart of you.

The Mayan Empire


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