Let’s talk about it

Hey guys!

As October comes to an end, it also, starts the beginning of seasonal depression. Now, I know, in the past, I’ve had my own introduction to depression so, during this new season, I try to be extra cautious of my moods and how I begin to act. Not going to lie, I’ve been sad for a few weeks now and it’s made it hard for me to actually have the desire to even be present, mentally and sometimes psychically, even when out and about with friends and family. It’s hard.

The reason I’m saying all this is, well… it’s hard. I know it is… but keep going.

Keep going even if no one notices. Like I said, I’ve been sad for a few weeks and no one noticed, but I noticed. You notice too and that alone, is enough. Recognizing how you feel, accepting what is, choosing to continue, is enough.

Depression is nothing to play with.

Seasonal depression, is nothing to play with.

If all you did today was wake up, that’s enough.

If you answered a text message or phone call, that’s enough.

If you even went outside, even if to check the mail, that’s enough.

Don’t ever feel discouraged or feel like you didn’t do enough to fight or save yourself when every, little, thing you accomplish, even if it’s blinking and choosing to continue to inhale, is enough.

Even as I type this, I feel accomplished for even doing something because, as I’m encouraging you, I’m encouraging myself.

It’s hard.

It’s so, hard.

But continuing to continue, is continuing the story.

Continuing my story, in the midst of the fight.

I don’t want to preach to you because I don’t think I’m in a strong mental capacity to do so, therefore, I hope you’re taking everything I’m trying to convey and applying it to how you choose to go about your day, heck, your next minute.

Drink some water.

Go outside for a few minutes.

Take a walk.

Watch your favorite movie.

Read your favorite book or quote.

Open your curtains.


Light some candles.

Listen to your favorite song.

Plan something exciting.



Doesn’t matter the order or even if you don’t do them all. Some of these, if not all, will help in some way, either big or small. Take the help. Accept the help. Share the help.

And keep fighting.

I see you.

I’m here with you.

I’m proud of you.

With love,

The Mayan Empire


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