Say No.

Have you ever been in a compromising situation? Have you ever felt something wasn’t quite right? Have you ever just wanted something, anything, to just stop? I have. It’s not uncommon for things to, not go your way and it’s ok when they don’t. It’s all about the journey. A learning process and when something,Continue reading “Say No.”


It is what it is

You know what's crazy?How one minute you can be so in love and the next, you're not.How you can be best friends with someone and then, you're not.How you can see forever with someone and then, you can't even see the next second with them.How you can be so happy and then, you're battling depression.HowContinue reading “It is what it is”


It’s not easy, but do it for yourself. The best advice I’ve received this year was to forgive those who weren’t even sorry. The pain. The mistrust. The hurt. The anxiety. The hole I felt in my heart. The lump I felt in my throat. The way my thoughts turned dark. The way my positiveContinue reading “Forgiveness”