the Thing about ‘No’

It hurts. we, as humans, have to admit that hearing “no”, as a form of rejection, hurts. But, the other thing about “no”, is that, it’s not the end. Don’t let “no”, be an end all be all for your dreams, goals, aspirations… anything and everything that you’re striving for. “No” is not the end.Continue reading “the Thing about ‘No’”

Inhale Love, Exhale Hate.

That’s a mantra used for my personal meditation. Inhale love, exhale hate. When I think about it, I use that mantra with every breath that I take. It’s something that I work towards, everyday to do. Exhale hate being a priority. I try not to be so much of a ‘peace and love’ person becauseContinue reading “Inhale Love, Exhale Hate.”

Wanna know something?

Do the thing that scares you. Never in a million years did I think more than half of the things that I am doing now would even be close to my radar and honestly, I never thought I’d be doing them because it scared the SugarHoneyIcedTea out of me but those things happened to be,Continue reading “Wanna know something?”