October’s my favorite month.


Because it has nothing to do with, everything.

October constantly feels like the Thursday before something exciting happens on Friday.



Never mind homecoming and Halloween

Ok, not never mind, however, Miss Rona’s still at large so, what can we do?


And yes,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,


But, it’s everything, else.

Fall officially gracing us with it’s presence.

Hay rides and windy weather,

Hoodies and hot chocolate,

more and the desire to be outside,

As if being inside means you’re automatically missing something,

and in my case,

a real excuse as to why my heat is on.

October just screams, excitement.

The holidays are coming

the food is constantly being prepared

and joy.

Pure, unwavering,


Everything and everyone is excited

for something,

for nothing,

for everything.

Can’t wait to welcome October.

The Mayan Empire


Black Love


Something each and everyone of us strive for.

Whether romantic or platonic, love, is.


let’s talk about black love.

There is just something different about black love.

No matter what, who, or where, black love is just….

Whew wee.

Talk about striving to be loved, the right way by someone who looks like you (assuming you’re of the black community).


I know, I, myself, am aiming for that love.

The end all, be all. The ending and beginning. The sun and stars.

Black love.

Sharing experiences, views, values, thoughts, traditions, culture with someone who understands, relates and more than likely, can contribute more to the conversation. Someone who wants to create more kids to run around, to be an image of our love, personified. Someone who understands the every day fears and stereotypes lived through because of the color of our skin. Someone who can relate to the dreams and goals of the normal attributor. Someone who’s striving for greatness. Who wants to continue breaking generational curses and achieve generational wealth for the legacies that will come from the love shared today.


Does that not make you want to go out and stumble into the arms of the person meant for you? That can best give you the kind of love that movies and songs and books and art, are all made from. Inspired by?

A love that makes you feel like you’re experiencing heaven on earth. Like God, personally picked this person out for you because they are the best chance of you sharing life experiences with. Best chance of being understood, fully and entirely. Knowing that you won’t have to question the most essential part of you and whether or not, they get it?


There is just, everything beautiful about genuine black love.

If you’ve ever seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve never seen it, I pray you do because baby, it’s like watching actual stars come together and create a glow that astronomers long to look at up close and maybe, you’ll understand why it’s so inspiring, so sought after.

Black love.

Whew chile.

The Mayan Empire

This is what’s gotten me through Quarantine

for some reason,
unbeknownst to me;
everyone seems to think I’m the Netflix and Books plug.
let me introduce you to what’s gotten me through this quarantine/ stay at home, since, like many of you, I’m back at work now… yay.

Let’s start with books.
I’m a series girl. I love to sit down with a good, thick, page turner so,
the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth definitely had my attention. It’s a 3 book series based on a world where fractions are the society norm. It’s also a movie series so, if you don’t read, movie recommendation coming early.
Relationship Goals by Michael Todd became a book club read for my friends and I to help us maintain and attend weekly zoom calls to discuss. If you’re single or even in a relationship, Todd’s main focus of the book is self wholeness as well as fulfillment of one before becoming two. It features a lot of strong points and easily acknowledges certain patterns and expectations that can be a frequent projection.
Lastly, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. If you didn’t know, I’m a preacher’s kid. With that being said, when Harry Potter became a phenomenon within my generation, I was not able to indulge in the books or the movies. The Christian school I attended had them banned in the library and my parents refused to purchase them. So, now that I’m grown and have my own money, I decided it was time for me to read and see and considering how much free time I’ve had these days, what a perfect time to start. Harry Potter focuses on a the life of a twelve year old boy who thought he was simply strange and misplaced, only to discover he’s a wizard, destined for the extraordinary. I’ve read a book, and watched a movie in order of my reading. Currently, I’m on book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, can you tell I’m enjoying them?

Now that we’ve gotten books out of the way, let me share a list of albums that’s come out during the stay at home that have been in constant rotation within my playlist.

DVSN – A Muse In Her Feelings
Kehlani – It Was Good Until It Wasn’t
Chloe x Halle – Ungodly Hour
Teyana Taylor – The Album
August Alsina – stateofEMERGEncy
KYLE – See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!
Jhene Aiko – Chilombo (Deluxe)
Summer Walker – Life On Earth EP
Jimmie Allen – Mercury Lane
6lack – 6pc Hot EP
Drake – Dark Lane Demo Tapes
K Camp – Kiss 5

That’s all the music, for me at least. Now, the nitty and gritty. Streaming and Binging. I’m going to divide it up based on the streaming platform, so it’s easier to search if you’d like. Bare with me because this part… is the long part. If you see an (*) located behind the title, it’s because the series or movie was just that good.

Let’s start with;
Amazon Prime:
Now, I know not everyone has this streaming feature but, if you do;
Selah & The Spades
Madea’s Family Funeral
47 Meters Down Uncaged
Instant Family
Home Again
What Men Want
Grandma’s House
Fast Color
Knives Out*
My Spy*
In The Mix

Little Fires Everywhere*
High Fidelity*
Dear Victor
Yeah, I know it’s a short list but you’ll see why in a moment.

Disney Plus:
Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3, 4
Frozen 2
Marvel’s Runaways
The Little Mermaid
Star Girl
Zenon 1, 2, 3
Lilo & Stitch
Let It Shine
Avengers: Endgame
Hannah Montana
Beauty and the Beast
Maleficient, Mistress of Evil*

New Girl*
Kim’s Convenience
Black Lightening
Madam C.J. Walker- Self Made
On My Block*
The Aaron Hernandez Story
Always A Bridesmaid
Joe Exotic, The Tiger King
Outer Banks*
The Walking Dead
Too Hot To Handle
The Good Witch
Roswell: New Mexico*
Never Have I Ever*
The Willouby’s
Code 8
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Alexa and Katie

Now, the lists are completely and you have all the things that have kept me sane, other than excessive sleeping, eating and wisdom teeth surgery. I also took the time to redo my bedroom, begin learning new trades and certifications so, if you’re apart of the, gotta stay productive crew, online certifications are always a recommendation. You can never have too many.

Thanks for baring with me. I hope this helps or at least, you find a new book, album or show to watch. Comment and let me know what you did or what helped you during the quarantine. I love new recommendations!

The Mayan Empire

Let’s Chat

Tell me something
How have you been copping?
With everything that’s going on.
Is it stirring up old traumas?
Is it creating new worries?
It’s ok if the answer is, you’ve just been.
I’ve just been, as well.
Taking everything,
every minute,
day to day
in just that way.
Because, I don’t know how,
or what
to feel.
But I know allowing myself to feel numb will be bad,
But allowing myself to feel nothing,
is that worse?
I don’t know
Believe it or not, I don’t know everything
but you knew.
You don’t want answers.
You’re not looking for answers.
You just want some one to relate,
even if you don’t know them;
even if you do.
I relate.
so, tell me something,
how are you?

The Mayan Empire