It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been getting all of your feedback, as well as how much you all have missed my voice -er- my words. I would apologize for the long overdue post… but in actuality, I’m not actually sorry.

Life comes at you hard, is what I mean.

Things are in a constant change- it’s the ONE thing you can count on to always be a constant and because it is… sometimes, one has to step away in order to maintaining being right within… or at least, trying.

A new chapter is afoot.

I’m taking the time to make sure I’m ready for it.

Are you?

How do you handle change?

How do you process change?

Do you embrace it?


Do you run from it?

I do a bit of both, if I’m being completely honest.

Hey! Change is scary! Especially when you don’t know what you’ll get out of it… which direction it’ll take. Change has a mind of its own and I just pray, I always end up in the right side of it, if you know what I mean.


This is just a post, to get your mind going.

A little “food for the thoughts” if you will.

Because whether you like it or not,

A shift is coming.

Will you be on board?

Or, will you be left?

With love,

The Mayan Empire


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