Black Lives Matter



It’s taken me a while to write this…. or anything because like you, and many others… I’m tired and I’m angry.

I’m still, angry.

And, I wanted to be sure I’d felt everything I needed to feel in the time that I felt them and that my emotions were in the place they needed to be in so that, this post, didn’t come off sounding like another angry post.

However, if it does, so be it.

It’s not the fact that, another innocent black man lost his life at the hands of those promised to protect and serve,

But the fact that innocent black men, black women, black children, BLACK PEOPLE, continue to lose their lives at the hands of those same men and women in uniform as if, it’s a sport.

As if, there’s more black people that’ll just pop up like weeds in place of the one that’s gone.

It’s not right.

It’s not right.

And yet, it keeps happening.

It continues to happen.

And maybe my frustrations stem from the fact that it could all be avoided. It could honestly, not even be happening right now or at all if, those same people who promised to protect and serve for the benefit and welfare of the American body simply…. did that. If they just simply stopped killing us.

But, of course, that sounds like an extremely, unrealistic request.

How dare we want to be treated as a living, breathing person.

How dare we call for justice of our fellow brethren who have been shot down or suffocated or hunted and killed.

How dare we.


How dare you.

How dare you treat black people as though protesting is not within our rights as American citizens thanks to the 1st Amendment of freedom of speech. How dare you use an weapon deemed illegal in the acts of war on American citizens who are expressing their right to protest. How are you continue to kill us and more than anything, how dare you continue to get away with it because the same system that was designed to protect us is the same system allowing for these officers to walk away freely from their crimes.

It’s disgusting.

However, none of this was the point of this post and before I get too deep into the passionate rabbit hole, I’m gonna bring it all back to the main point.

I had to take the time to feel my emotions in order to even begin to write this.

You all, should do the same.

While you’re spreading awareness, protesting, donating, being black… take the time to feel whatever, you need to feel, in the moment you feel it. If you don’t, it makes it almost, impossible to do the work that needs to be done which is spreading awareness. The more people know, whether they chose to acknowledge it or not, is the closer we, as a people, as black people, get to seeing and living in change. Some real, change.

Don’t let it fester.

I’m not asking, if Black Lives Matter. You know they do. I’m not just, saying, that Black Lives Matter. Again, you know they do. We wouldn’t be here on God’s green earth if otherwise.

Be angry, but don’t become angry.


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