Wellness Checks

Maybe, it’s just me not wanting to talk to people.
Maybe, it’s just me and not wanting to socially interact.
Maybe, it’s just me getting used to this whole social distancing thing.
Maybe, it’s just me.
I do not appreciate when I receive wellness check type of messages.
It’s like, reminding me that I need to be checked on and it doesn’t sit well with me.
I know, most, maybe not all of the time, they are done with pure, genuine intention. I know that.
However, I don’t get that genuine feel from those kinds of messages.
I get the, she needs to be checked on, feeling and it makes me feel… like a burden. Almost as if, I know you don’t want to… but you feel obligated to do so and then, I feel as though I’m obligated to respond with the proper answer because you’ve already made the first move by reaching out. Now, I gotta come up with something pleasing so that the conversation can continue up to standard before you feel fulfilled in checking up on me and I’m not being left alone for the next few weeks.
maybe it’s just me,
if I wanted to talk or text or be heard from, I would reach out.
Let me, reach out.
I know everyone’s not like that.
I know there are people who appreciate the thought and the act of being checked on.
However, as for me, and my cell phone,
if I wanted you to know how I was doing, what I was doing, or what my plans are,
believe me, you’d know, as soon as possible.
But, don’t be like me.
If you have friends that care about you, as immensely as they possibly could and want to genuinely know how you are, with the genius desire to help you relieve any type of stress or pent up emotion that being locked in the house for months can induce, let them.
Be open and receptive to it.
Depression is serious.
Anxiety, is serious.
Mental health, as a whole, is serious.
Take it seriously.
And if no one is reaching out and you know that they won’t, it’s ok to become that friend with the pure, genuine intentions.
That goes hand in hand with knowing who your friends are.
You know who you create relationships with.
You know how the person within the relationship you share, operate and in being their friend, or their person or even just someone who cares for them, you know how they receive these type of messages or phone calls.
With that being said, don’t overstep on boundaries that have already been pre-established and, don’t shut down when someone makes the effort to reach out and check on you… even if you wish they didn’t.
The sooner you answer,
the sooner it’s all over….
… if you’re lucky.

until tomorrow,
The Mayan Empire


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a lot of outbursts... A LOT oh, I'm on a podcast too! www.blackeducatedandbroke.com

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