Things I’ve Learned This Week…

Ok, so I've decided as a way of moving forward from a week of trials and tribulations, to begin this segment of Things I've Learned This Week.
Now, this could go one or two ways, I could either continue this because it helps or, discontinue this. It doesn't hurt to try though. And also, moving forward with these posts, I will be making them longer because, yeah, they could be longer 😂. Ok, so back to this post, things I've learned:
1. Things and people come and go.
They are like the wind, moving with the breeze, changing with the season. Sometimes, it may last longer than a season but generally, things and people are tempting and if they are, let them go.
2. Smile.
Life may be hard, and yes, it is challenging, but hard times never last. Smile. Your simple act of joy could be the push someone else may need within their life, their being. And you never know, smiling may help you feel better.
3. Keep your head up.
Simple as that. Can't see where you're going if your head is down.
4. Pray.
I don't know your beliefs and I most definitely am not trying to bible thump or anything, but prayer can and will change your life. And if you don't pray or believe in that, Meditate. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and restore your energy. Trust me. Whether you pray or meditate, rebalancing your energy, restoring your being, it can help you with moving further within life. Within yourself.
And lastly,
5. Be yourself.
You are the only you in the world. Bask in it. That's your superpower. That makes you beautiful. Being You.

Alright stars, I hope these 5 points have helped you as they've helped me. See you guys tomorrow! 🖤



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